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We approach all of our projects in the spirit of collaboration, communication, continuity and verification:



We understand that projects and tasks do not exist in a vacuum; There is always more than one entity involved and the best success is achieved when all parties can agree on, and work toward, a common goal.



Successful completion of tasks and projects depends on clear, accurate, and respectful communication. As Owner’s Representatives it is our job to establish and maintain clear channels of communication among all project stakeholders.  We understand that it is just as valuable to ask the right questions as it is to come up with the right answers. When it comes to communication, our motto is, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”



We understand that as a key member of the project team,  the Owner’s Representative plays a major role in making sure the project moves forward as planned and meets the Owner’s goals. Establishing and maintaining relationships with all team members is essential, so it is important to have continuity in this role.  To this end, we assign one point person who will be responsible for your project. This person will be performing all of the on-site and off-site duties with support and backup from our main office.



Ultimately all tasks and projects need to be completed accurately and according to the project specifications.  In our experience, the process of verification should not wait until the end of a project, but rather it is an ongoing, collaborative effort of all project stakeholders.  We seek to establish mutually agreeable milestones for timely and accurate verification of project goals. Diligent document management is an essential part of the verification process.



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