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Nathaniel Jamison Receives CDT Certification

April 2020













Nathaniel Jamison has earned his Construction Documents Technology (CDT) certification from the Construction Specifications Institutes (CSI). The Construction Documents Technology program strengthens the ability to write, interpret, enforce, and manage construction documents and project delivery methods.


“After having worked at both a developer and a housing non-profit, and at PCI for the last year, getting my CDT helped give me a more holistic understanding of capital projects and project delivery,” said Jamison, Project Coordinator at Peterson Consulting Inc. (PCI). “When I joined PCI, I did so instead of pursuing an MBA at UVM. Tom [PCI Founder] and I discussed my work at PCI serving as a kind of ‘on the job’ business education, and the CDT was the first part of my continuing  education in the industry since joining PCI.”


The Construction Specifications Institute is a national association of construction experts. Jamison now serves on the board of CSI’s Vermont chapter. The CDT certification provides a framework of best practices for bringing projects from concept to completion. It also further defines the different roles and relationships that are involved in construction projects. Through the certification, Jamison enhanced his knowledge of project delivery processes and procedures, and the variety of approaches that can be used.


“PCI has always placed a high value on professional development. It is a key element in our mission of being a valued resource for our clients and providing fulfilling employment for our associates,” said Tom Peterson, Founder and President of PCI. “We have found, over the years, that CSI is an essential resource in the construction industry and their CDT training program is a unique and extremely valuable tool.”


Jamison has been a part of the PCI team since January 2019. As Project Coordinator, Jamison performs administrative tasks such as corresponding with clients, scheduling, project manual creation, product research, contract writing, and managing small projects. Getting CDT certified helped expand his knowledge of document administration, a major element of his role at PCI. Jamison plans to continue his professional development through conferences, seminars, and courses.

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