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Long winters tend to provide people with plenty of time to spend inside their homes. And in addition to finding ways to stay warm and cozy, it gives folks a lot of time to look around their homes and ponder home improvements. We think about replacing flooring, painting some walls, or more ambitious projects like new kitchens or additions.

By the time spring finally comes and we are eager to get outdoors and begin our warm weather activities, a lot of those home improvement ideas fade away completely. Some get filed for future action. But some of them actually “make the cut” and become real projects. That’s one reason there are so many home shows in the spring and why all the good remodeling contractors start getting booked-up in late winter and early spring. In fact, if you have not locked-in a good contractor by the end of April, you may have a difficult time getting your project built by the time winter comes around again.

That’s why we encourage homeowners to use the long winter months to not only plan their projects, but also start the critical process of selecting the right contractor for your home improvement project. We will have more posts later about how to qualify contractors to find the best match for your project, but did you know that good contractors carefully scrutinize and qualify potential customers as well? Here is a link to an article that I wrote for and now appearing on (Not sure how that happened!)

It was written back in 2006, but the principles still apply. Let me know what you think. And feel free to call or contact me through our website, if you have any questions about how to keep your project on track.

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