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Project manager, planning, blueprints, design, estimating

We are Owner's Representatives…the Owner's eyes and ears on major capital projects.


With construction industry experience spanning two decades, PCI provides a wide range of project management services tailored to protect the interests of project Owners.  Our goal is to provide the expertise you need, when you need it, allowing you and your team to focus on your core mission.


We Believe capital projects are much more than just an assembly of parts and processes. From the Owner's perspective, a capital project exists to support the core mission of the organization.


We Believe everything that goes into the planning and construction of any capital project should reflect the values and vision of the organization for which it is being built.


We Believe all capital projects are inherently positive endeavors: They are statements of commitment of an organization to its core mission.


These beliefs guide our work every day, with every client and every project.


Guiding successful projects in:

Transportation – Education – Healthcare – Housing – Specialty

Our Team
Nathaniel Jamison

Project Manager / Partner

Marty Spaulding

Project Manager / Partner

Paul Stafford
Associate Project Manager
Chris Locarno

K-12 School Operations Specialist

Tom Peterson

Founder /Advisor

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