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Chris Locarno

K-12 School Operations Specialist

“Each negotiation is a chance to compose progress, every logistical challenge a stepping stone towards greatness. Together, we're not just moving forward; we're orchestrating a crescendo of inspiration and growth."

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Chris emerges as a visionary leader, commanding over 80+ teams and steering the helm of budgets exceeding an impressive $40 million. His unparalleled expertise shines across a spectrum of domains, from contract negotiations and campus food service to orchestrating transportation for 1,300 students and masterminding facility management across 7 campuses.

Collaborating with Chris translates to embarking on a journey of unparalleled leadership. His multifaceted excellence mirrors his unwavering dedication to enhancing every facet of educational environments. From strategic negotiations to visionary planning, Chris embodies the essence of success and stands as a beacon of inspiration in all he undertakes.

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