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Photo of marty Spaulding

Marty Spaulding

Project Manager  &  Co-Owner

"Partnering with PCI means unlocking the full potential of your project. As your trusted project management ally, we take the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your full-time responsibilities."

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Marty brings a 25-year career overseeing Facilities and Food Service in Vermont's K-12 Education sector. As Director of Property Services, he managed large-scale projects, excelling in occupied spaces with tight budgets and deadlines.Marty  is a dedicated professional whose educational journey, leadership roles, and impactful accomplishments reflect his unwavering passion for improving educational spaces. With a keen ability to harmonize functionality and efficiency while ensuring adherence to state and federal regulations, Marty is committed to crafting optimal learning environments for both students and staff. His legacy shines through his transformative approach, innovative spirit, and relentless dedication to educational excellence.

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