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Burlington High School and Tech Center

Burlington, Vermont

Anticipated Completion:




$190 Million



Freemen French Freemen Architects,

Colin P. Lindberg and Associates, Drummey Rosane Anderson Architects


The Whiting-Turner Contracting 



Burlington School District


PCI Services:

Owner’s Project Manager


Project Manager:

Marty Spaulding

Project Overview:

PCI has played an instrumental role in assisting the district in the hiring of the design team, and have worked together in the development of the program and conceptual design options approved by the BSD board. PCI issued the Request for Proposal for the Construction Manager and led the team through the selection process following all VT Title 16 bid laws. PCI also developed the owners “soft” cost budget. PCI also acts as the project lead for the owners Environmental Team and heads the $20M environmental cleanup efforts.

PCI Functions:

Coordinate with the Design Team

Coordinate with the Contractor

Budget Oversight

Tracked and Produced Critical Project Elements

Owner’s Project Manager

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