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Town of Killington Road and Water Infrastructure

Killington, Vermont








Elliot ENG



Town of Killington 

PCI Services:

Owner's Project Manager

Project Manager:

Paul Stafford

Project Overview:

PCI is proud to have served as Owner’s Project Manager for the Town of Saint Albans

new Town Hall from Pre-Construction through project Closeout. This complex project

was completed on budget despite challenging site conditions. PCI facilitated the

development and procurement of Owner Cost items, and coordinated the delivery,

storage, and installation of new equipment. Natty also procured moving services, helped

to coordinate what existing equipment was to move from the existing town hall, and

coordinated movers on the move day itself.

PCI Functions:

Assembled Construction Team

Coordinate with Contractors 

Budget Monitoring and Revision 

Procurement of Permits

Assisted in Inspection Coordinated 

Monitoring of Project Logs and Documents

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