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Stimson and Graves Apartments

Waterbury, Vermont





$1.2 Million



S2 Architecture


Naylor & Breen



Downstreet Housing and Community Development


PCI Services:

Progress Inspections and Reports


Project Manager:

Nathaniel Jamison-Root

Project Overview

PCI's Associate Project Manager, Natty Jamison, served as Progress Inspector of the rehabilitation of this 14-unit senior housing development, Stimson and Graves Apartments, owned by Downstreet Housing and Community Development. Natty completed monthly site visits to keep the funding agency up to date on the project’s progress. Each inspection was followed up with a written report submitted to the Vermont Housing Finance Agency, the entity providing funding for this project.


Working on this project was a pleasure. Naylor and Breen are highly organized and professional. The requisitions were issued in a timely manner, allowing PCI to perform the progress inspections and generate the reports on time. Overall, this project was completed on time and under budget and we look forward to working with Naylor and Breen, and VHFA on future projects.

PCI Functions:

Monthly progress inspections

Pay application verification

Progress reporting

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