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Myers Park Pool Estimate

Winooski, Vermont





$3.2 Million


Weston & Sampson



City of Winooski


PCI Services:


Value Management

Project Manager:

Hunter Gomez

Project Overview:

The Meyer’s Memorial pool has long been a fixture of summers in Winooski, and an important part of the community. When Weston and Sampson contacted PCI to perform an estimate, we were happy to help ensure the project would flourish. PCI performed three estimates for this community pool renovation project. One was completed at 100% Design Development, one at 50% Construction Documents, and one at 100% Construction Documents. PCI’s role in the project lasted for about 5 months while the project progressed through the design phase.

PCI Functions:

Performed detailed takeoffs at each stage

Carefully priced each element using our in-house database and working with community partners.

Priced unusual specialty products.

Assisted in value engineering.

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